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Curuvija Greets Bombs

by Miroslav Markovic

Politika Ekspres, Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia, April 6 1999

For thirteen days the Nazi Armada of NATO has been sowing its loads of death all over Serbia and Yugoslavia. For thirteen days, under the leadership of Washington's "sick man of the war", Adolf Clinton, and his European "puppet fuhrers" Blair, Chirac and Schroder... By stealth, at night, and from increasingly less safe heights, the killing of innocent citizens of Serbia, persecution and real humanitarian catastrophe of the inhabitants of Kosovo and Metohija, destruction of factories, hospitals, bridges, churches, schools, kindergartens... continues. During the same time brutal, cynical and arrogant violation and "destruction" of all international norms and conventions, laws and justice, has been going on. The destruction of the United Nations and everything that our civilization is based on.

In this situation all those who even from "before Kosovo", while the madness of the New World Order has in blood destroyed the former Yugoslavia, "knew" that "the Serbs were the only culprits" and, as such "should be punished" and if at all possible "bombed", have wisely shut up. Those who "knew" that "the Serbs were guilty" for Merkale and Vasa Miskin street and who consequently demanded even stricter sanctions against Serbia. Those who from the start of the from abroad fabricated crisis in Kosmet "knew" that Albanian terrorists "were right"... And those who, all the time demanded and hoped for "bombs for Serbs". The "good will ambassadors" are also silent.

Are they silent because of the "perfidiousness of betrayal" about which, on the occasion of the founding of the University Committee of the Yugoslav Left, Dr. Mirjana Markovic, the president of the JUL Directorate, spoke in November 1998? Was that the moment when "treason reached its pinnacle", as Prof. Markovic said explaining that "treason is not always and without exception direct and brutal". She then continued: "As for example, it seemed to me a few days ago when in JUL the owner of a Belgrade daily newspaper told me that he supported the US in its desire to bomb Serbia and that that bombardment would teach Serbs a lesson""

Of course, she was referring to Slavko Curuvija who, through "his" newspaper Dnevni Telegraf really did everything that was "needed" to explain to "the democratic West", as well as "wayward Serbs", that they should "come to their senses" and face the future that is, of course, "in the West". When later that same "freedom loving" Curuvija was sanctioned by the Public Information Law, as well as by other laws of the country in which he lives, he made it almost all the way to Clinton whining for help in "the struggle against the dictatorship in Serbia".

"The dictatorship" in which the people, in countless elections so far has freely elected its authorities and "the dictatorship and information darkness" in which, besides "his" Dnevni Telegraf uncountable supposedly free and independent papers are published that write worse about Serbia than CNN on its best days!

Today when those eagerly hoped for and requested bombs are killing Serbia, the traitors are silent.

If they are waiting that Serbia and Serbs be conquered and occupied, they are waiting in vain. And if they hoped that their treason would be forgotten, they also hoped in vain.

Translated on May 19 2000