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The role of media in the making of foreign policy has recently received a lot of attention. Lurid pictures and reports of unspeakable attrocities prod the "experts", public and politicians into action. The Yugoslav conflict is perhaps one of the best examples of the media influence in our global village. The images and articles appearing all over the world have usually painted a very simplified picture of the conflict. Throughout the crisis, the opinions coming from the Yugoslavs have been filtered and interpreted, thus denying direct access to the ideas and facts coming from ex-Yugoslav lands. The purpose of these pages is to try to offer direct access to the (translated) articles from the Croatian, Yugoslav (Serbian and Montenegrin) and Bosnian press. The articles are linked to additional documents which give backround to some of the stories and events. Although tne goal is to represent an all-inclusive cross-section of the media outlets, due to the limited access and time at my disposal, this page will for prolonged time periods give more representation to some points of view. Finally, as my goal is to offer information about the XYU media and not to compete with the original providers of information, the articles will be posted with a delay of at least several weeks. If this is your first visit, you should be aware that this site does not offer easy and simple answers about the events in the former Yugoslavia. Instead of short fact sheets and flashy grafics, ex-YU press offers numerous snapshots of the events and opinions from the region that, with a bit of effort, will provide a more realistic picture of the people and events in the former Yugoslavia.

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Patriotic or Independent?

As every division into categories, the classification of the ex-YU publications into these two categories is somewhat arbitrary. Naturally, "independent" publications do depend on their owners, financiers etc. and the patriotism of the "patriotic" publications may strike some as rather peculiar. In these pages these two titles reflect the division evident in the press and politics of Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia and FR Yugoslavia, between those who put nation and "national interests" above everything and those journalists who believe that, although important, national ideals take second place in comparison with some generic human values, such as freedom, equality and liberty (for example). In the western press, the former are referred to as "nationalists" or "hardliners" while the latter are "democrats" or "independents".

ex-YU press does not endorse any of the publications presented in these pages, nor can we take a position on the truth or falsity of any statements in the translated articles. Rather, the policy of the site is to post translations of those articles which, based on our judgement, reflect the general editorial policy of a certain publication.

A translated summary of the articles from the recent issues of "independent" ex-Yu press can be found in Balkan Media & Policy Monitor


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Comments, questions, and offers for assistance regarding these pages should be addressed to: marko@ex-yupress.org. Please have in mind that this site does not endorse any of the publications presented herein. Thus, although we would like to hear your opinions regarding the choice of articles posted on ex-YU press pages or the information about the presented publications, any reactions regarding the content of the articles should be directed to the editors of the papers directly. Whenever possible, e-mail contact addresses for the publications presented in ex-YU press pages are provided.

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Standard disclaimer: The editor takes no position on the truth or falsity of any statement contained herein.